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Getting Started

Help With Activating Your Xplornet Services

Review our most frequently asked questions for help on activating your services or download our home phone and Internet set-up guide to get connected.

About Your MyXplornet Account

MyXplornet is where you gain safe and secure access to all things account-related 24/7. Click here to learn more and create your profile today.

About Xplornet Internet Packages

Your Xplornet Internet plan is flexible. Learn about our plans to see what suits your needs best.

Finding your MyXplornet login information

If you can't find your MyXplornet login information, read this to find helpful steps to locate your username and password.

Other Articles

How to Install the MyXplornet App

Android 1. Using a browser, navigate to MyXplornet on your device. 2. Log in to MyXplornet. 3. Click the download button in the…

Billing Basics

An Introduction to Your Xplornet Invoice

Understanding your bill, or the billing process, is a critical part of understanding and enjoying your Xplornet service. Learn more here.

How Billing and Payment Works

Xplornet customers receive monthly invoices by email. There are two pre-authorized payment options available. Learn more about Xplornet billing here:

How does the Xplornet Refer-a-Friend program work?

Love your Internet? Your friends & family will too! Read more below to find out how to refer your friends and family and receive a credit for each referral

Managing Your Xplornet Account

Temporary Suspend Program

Xplornet’s Temporary Suspend Program gives a customer the option to suspend their services for any reason. Discover if you qualify and how it works.

Transferring Ownership of Your Xplornet Account

Learn the requirements and what you need to know in order to transfer ownership of an existing Xplornet account to a new or existing Xplornet customer.

How to Reset Your MyXplornet Password or Username

There are a couple of different ways to reset your MyXplornet password. Find out how to do so by following the instructions here for new or current customers.

Xplornet Policies and Legal Information

About Copyright Notices

Xplornet has a legal obligation to forward notices of copyright infringement that we receive from copyright holders as per the Copyright Modernization Act.

Xplornet Privacy Policy

Our privacy policies protect all of our customers. Xplornet customers can review our policies and then indicate their preferences for privacy protection.


Tips and Support for Customers During Covid-19

Due to higher than normal call volumes, we recommend you use our self-serve tool,, to activate or manage…