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Why Rebooting Your modem and router is a good idea

After a long period of use, your computer’s operating system can develop communication issues with its internal software and hardware and slow down. When this occurs, as a user, we should ensure to reboot our computer which improves performance and restarts from a fresh optimal state. Modems and routers both run software that function in a way that is similar to a computer’s. To ensure that the modem and router are operating optimally, a semi regular reboot is a good idea. First remove power from both the modem and the router, then return the modem to the power source. Allow the modem up to 2 minutes to restore connection to our network before moving to the router. Once the 2 minutes has passed, return the router to power and allow it to restore connection to all the networked devices.

Why do we wait 30 seconds before plugging devices back in?

Electronic devices contain battery shaped capacitors that function like short term batteries. When power is removed from the hardware, the capacitor can hold enough energy to cause the device to remember settings and information until it has discharged. Waiting 30 seconds ensures that it has completed the discharge of stored energy and no unnecessary information will remain.


Your Xplornet hardware receives regular updates automatically and do not require any action on the customers part. All customer hardware including computers and mobile devices like tablets and phones require updates and service to ensure optimal operation. These updates are provided to ensure your system is at its most secure and operating at the highest performance. Check all your devices frequently to make sure they are up to date.