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Xplornet Home Phone is another great way to connect to what matters. Learn more about the Xplornet Home Phone service, including how it works, plans, and installation.

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How Xplornet Home Phone Works

How is Xplornet Home Phone different from my landline phone service?

Xplornet Home Phone is a phone service that works through your Xplornet Internet connection, rather than working through standard landline telephone wires. We provide you with the Xplornet Hub so you can connect your phone with your Xplornet Internet connection. Although Xplornet Home Phone works just like a traditional landline phone service, it’s better because you’ll get more features at a lower price.

Do I need a special type of phone to use the Xplornet Home Phone service?

No, you don’t need anything special. Any regular phone will work. We recommend that you plug your cordless phone base station into the Xplornet Hub that we provide so that phone handsets can be used throughout the house.

Do I need a specific Xplornet Internet plan to get Xplornet Home Phone?

Xplornet Home Phone works with most of our Internet plans. As long as you have an active Xplornet connection on one of the available platforms, then any service plan will work.

Can I still make and receive calls if my power or Internet goes out?

Xplornet Home Phone works with your Xplornet Internet service and during an interruption to Internet service, your Xplornet Home Phone will not be able to make or receive calls.

Does data usage from Xplornet Home Phone count towards my Xplornet Internet plan’s monthly data amount?

Yes it does, though the amount of data used by Xplornet Home Phone is very small. For an average Canadian household that spends about 400 minutes (or just over 3½ hours) on the phone per month, only about 250 MB – or 0.25 GB – of data would be used.

Will Xplornet Home Phone work with my home security system?

We do not recommend Xplornet Home Phone for use with a home security system that relies on a phone line to connect to a central monitoring service. We recommend that you use your Xplornet Home Phone as your primary phone line in the house and maintain a basic landline phone service with the telephone company for the home security system, with no features or long distance package to help keep monthly costs low.

Does Philips Lifeline work with Xplornet Home Phone?

No, Philips indicates that Lifeline should not be used with VoIP services. We do not recommend Xplornet Home Phone for use at a home that relies on the Lifeline service.

Can I choose a phone number from any city?

You can choose a phone number from any city or town across Canada where we offer numbers. For example, you can live in New Brunswick and choose a number from Alberta. So, Alberta would be your home province and your local calling area, even though you’re in New Brunswick!

Can I keep my current phone number?

In most cases you can bring your existing phone number over to Xplornet Home Phone. You can check if your number can be used with Xplornet Home Phone using the simple lookup tool available on our website.

How long does it take to switch my current phone number to Xplornet Home Phone?

The switch will take about two weeks to complete, depending on your current phone service provider. When you sign up for Xplornet Home Phone, you’ll receive a temporary phone number that you can use right away to make and receive calls.  When the transfer is complete, your current phone number will permanently replace the temporary one.

Can I bring my toll free (800, 866, 877) numbers to Xplornet Home Phone?

No, Xplornet Home Phone is designed for residential phone use.

How is Xplornet Home Phone 9-1-1 different from traditional 9-1-1 services?

There are important differences between traditional 9-1-1 services and VoIP phone emergency 9-1-1 services such as those offered as part of Xplornet Home Phone. Please see this page for more information.

Will the Xplornet Home Phone Hub work with Internet services from other providers?

Xplornet Home Phone can only be activated when connected to your Xplornet Internet service. Once the Xplornet Home Phone is activate, it can be used with Internet services from other providers; however, we cannot guarantee the quality of the Home Phone service and are unable to provide technical support should you have any service issues. If the Internet service from the other provider is at a different physical location from your Xplornet Internet service, please also update your 9-1-1 address.

How do I update my 9-1-1 address?

Please sign in to the My Xplornet customer portal and click on the Manage Home Phone Features link.

Keeping your 9-1-1 address up to date is important because Xplornet will use the address you have provided us with in the event you need 9-1-1 services. So, we suggest you always keep your physical location up to date, especially if you move homes or bring your Xplornet Hub to another address, such as a cottage. Please use your civic address, which contains a street name, number, direction (if applicable) and the city.

How do I find my civic address?

Please contact your local town hall or municipality directly for assistance.

Xplornet Home Phone Plans

How can I sign up for Xplornet Home Phone?­

Just call us at 1-877-959-3335! If you are a new customer, an Xplornet installer will set up both Xplornet Internet and Home Phone services at the same time. If you are an existing Xplornet Internet customer, we will send you a setup kit with the Xplornet Hub and instructions.

Is there special pricing available for current Xplornet customers?

We offer Xplornet Home Phone exclusively to Xplornet Internet customers, starting at just $19.99 per month.

Who has to pay the one-time Home Phone activation fee of $25 and why is it charged?

Existing customers are charged the Home Phone one-time activation fee that covers the costs of setting up and maintaining your Home Phone account. Your monthly service fee covers the cost of the service and the equipment being used. New customers are not charged the $25 activation fee on Home Phone as they already incur a one-time activation fee on their access service; setting up Home Phone for a new customer does not require the same costs as an existing customer.

How is a new versus existing customer defined?

Customers who have had their Internet access service activated within the last 30 days are considered new customers. Customers who add Home Phone to their account within the first 30 days of activating their Internet service will not be charged the $25 activation fee for Home Phone.

What features are included with the Xplornet Home Phone plan?

Xplornet Home Phone comes fully loaded with popular features such as voicemail, call display, and call waiting – plus 10 more features at no additional charge! Click here for more details on all of the available features included.

What is a local calling area?

Xplornet Home Phone customers can call any number in their home province at no additional charge, as if it were a local call. The home province is based on the area code of the Xplornet Home Phone number that you have selected or been assigned for your service. For example, a number with a 506 area code has a home province of New Brunswick.

Are there any restrictions to the unlimited province-wide calling?

Home province calling is available for customers with an Xplornet Home Phone number in any of the ten Canadian provinces, and excludes numbers from the Canadian territories. Xplornet Home Phone includes no-charge calling to any number in the home province, but calls received from people using other telephone providers are charged the same way that regular phone calls are charged, regardless of whether those calls originate in the home province.

What long distance packages are available?

You can add 500 long distance minutes to your Xplornet Home Phone service for just $5/month, and 2500 long distance minutes for only $10/month.  Long distance minutes apply to calling to the Canadian provinces (excluding the Canadian territories) and to the continental United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii); Mexico is not included.

A full list of the latest Canadian Territory and International rates can be found here.

How will I be invoiced for Xplornet Home Phone?

Xplornet Home Phone will appear conveniently on the same invoice as your Xplornet Internet service.

Do I need to commit to a minimum term or contract to get Xplornet Home Phone Service?

No, you’re not required to commit to a minimum term or contract for Xplornet Home Phone service.

What is the $50 Home Phone non-activation fee and why is it charged?

In the unlikely event that you are unable to activate your Home Phone service within 45 days, a fee of $50 will be charged to your account to cover the cost of the equipment. If you decide not to activate your Home Phone service after receiving your equipment, you can ship your equipment back to Xplornet (all components must be returned:  Hub, cables, power cord, manual, easy set-up guide) up to 60 days after the initial order was placed and have the $50 equipment fee credited back to your account.

Where should I ship the Home Phone equipment?

The Hub and all components can be returned through courier or regular mail to:

Xplornet Communications Inc.
1925 Williams Parkway, Unit #2
Brampton, ON L6S 2M3
RE: Home Phone Return

Setting up Xplornet Home Phone

What are my Home Phone installation options?

All brand new Xplornet Internet and Home Phone customers will receive a professional installation from a certified installer. Customers who already have Xplornet Internet service and add our Home Phone service can choose between a self-installation where the Hub is shipped directly to your residence, or a professional certified installation. Should existing customers prefer a certified installer visit their home, there is a $100 charge to cover the cost of fuel, installation and hardware testing.

Click here to see our Xplornet Home Phone activation guide. If you are installing your Xplornet Home Phone service yourself, use your handy connection guide first. Please call us at 1-866-841-6001 to discuss any questions you have about your new service. We’re here to help!