Your Xplornet Internet package is flexible to help meet your needs. Learn about how and when you can pick a package and what’s included.

How will my service be impacted if I exceed the included monthly data?

You have a choice how your service will be impacted if you exceed the monthly data included in your package. Packages are available as a Limited State or a Usage Charge package. On select access platforms, unlimited options may also be available.

Your package type can be found by logging in to MyXplornet.

Limited State Packages:

  • Your service will go into a limited state. During this time, your download and upload speeds will be restricted to 150 Kbps. The limited connection will continue for the remainder of your billing cycle.
  • For packages with a rate plan named ‘DataXtend’, your download speed will move to up to 2 Mbps and upload speed will remain up to 1 Mbps for the remainder of your billing cycle. You will still be able to enjoy unlimited browsing, video streaming (typically in standard definition), downloading and email access.

Usage Charge Packages:

  • You will incur additional charges for data used beyond your usage at a rate of $2.00/GB. For billing purposes, usage is rounded to the nearest byte. The charges will continue for the remainder of your billing cycle.

Unlimited Packages:

  • There are no monthly data restrictions.

For all packages, your monthly billing cycle will reset at 2am local time. For complete details of Xplornet traffic management policies please visit

Am I able to change my package after my Internet is installed?

Yes, you can change your package at any time! Please email us at and we’d be happy to help.

How do I find the details for my package?

If you received a “Customer Plan Worksheet” from your dealer, you’ll find your monthly fee and any data and one-time activation fee details on this sheet. If you signed up with Xplornet directly, you should have received a confirmation email at the address you provided. Please log in to MyXplornet for your current package information, or email us at for assistance.

What is an equipment installation fee?

An equipment installation fee is part of the creation of a new account. The one-time fee covers costs associated with setting up the equipment.

How do I know how much data I have included in my package and how much I’ve used?

To check your data use for the month to date, you can login in to MyXplornet and load the Usage Tracker.

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