Xplornet Communications has a legal obligation to forward notices of copyright infringement that we receive from copyright holders as per the Copyright Modernization Act.

Further information on the notice and notice system can be found at: https://www.ic.gc.ca

The legislation requires all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to follow the following process. We must:

  1. Forward a notice to the customer who was assigned the Internet Protocol (IP) address identified in the notice from the copyright holder
  2. Send a message back to the copyright holder that advises that the notice has been forwarded to the customer (no customer information is provided)
  3. Archive all requests for a minimum of 6 months

Our customers’ privacy remains our number one concern. Please refer to the Xplornet Communications Privacy Policy to learn about our commitment to your privacy.

Why have I received this notification?
The Government of Canada requires ISPs to forward to their customers notices received from copyright holders to users whose Internet address has been identified by the content owners as being the source of possible infringement of the copright holder’s material, such as the unauthorized downloading of music, videos, books and games.

The date on the notice has passed – what does this mean?
We are working through a backlog of notifications and are processing them as quickly as possible. The copyright holder is aware of the delay.

Has my information been provided to the copyright holder?
Xplornet has not and will not provide any information regarding customers’ accounts to copyright holders unless required by law.

What are the details of the copyright infringement claim?
Copyright holders will provide certain details about an alleged infringement including title, source, timestamp, and IP. Xplornet is unaware of and will not seek any further details related to the copyright infringement claim, nor will Xplornet assess the merits of the claim.

I believe someone else has used my Internet connection. What should I do?
We are passing on the message as required by law. An IP address associated with your account was identified by the copyright holder but we have no knowledge of why it was identified. We suggest that you contact the content owner directly if you have any questions or comments concerning this matter. We do suggest that you keep your wireless network secured (password protected) and that you always use antivirus software to protect your PC.

If you have any additional questions, you may wish to contact the copyright holder directly. Contact information for the copyright holder can be found in the notification email.

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