Beginning on April 27, 2016, customers who use Xplornet Internet Security Suite (XISS) will see a prompt to upgrade their virus protection software. Xplornet is upgrading XISS free of charge to a new version. Eventually, the old version of XISS will no longer be supported with new threat and virus definitions, which means that your computer could be at risk without this upgrade.

Please take a look at the upgrade steps below. If you have any questions, please contact us for help.

Step 1 – Begin the upgrade for XISS

You will automatically receive a pop-up from the XISS application when your upgrade is available (shown below). Click on the Upgrade button in this pop-up to start the upgrade process.


Step 2 – Download the upgrade and start the upgrade process

XISS will begin downloading the upgrade package and start the upgrade process. The upgrade process may take a few minutes to complete.


While Xplornet will provide you with fast, reliable Internet service, making sure your computer is running securely and efficiently plays a big part in your online experience.

Step 3 – The XISS upgrade will install

Once the upgrade has been downloaded, XISS will install the upgrade. A window will display the progress of the installation.


Step 4 – Finish the installation

When XISS has finished installing the upgrade, click Close to finish the upgrade process. You have successfully upgraded XISS.


You now have the latest version of XISS – your XISS application should look like this:


If you have trouble with the upgrade process at any time, please contact us for assistance.

What you’ll find here

What you’ll find here: Step-by-step instructions for upgrading Xplornet Internet Security suite from the version prior to April 27, 2016 to the latest version.