With Xplornet Website Hosting, you can have your own corner of the online world. Learn more about Xplornet Website and Email Hosting in this set-up and general overview article.


1) Who do I contact if I have any issues?

Please contact hosting@corp.xplornet.com or 1-866-841-6001.

2) Can I upgrade/downgrade my package? Are new packages available?

Yes, please contact 1-866-841-6001 or hosting@corp.xplornet.com to discuss what other packages and features we now have available.

3) What features are available?

The EasySite Wizard, Photo Albums, Social streams, Announcer Pro, Easy Store Maker, to name a few! Domain emails are now included with the hosting packages (10+ depending on the package), and include anti-spam/virus and webmail. Some of the plans include file management as well as modern supported software. In addition, some plans offer access to open source applications such as WordPress or Joomla.

4) What’s the difference between a domain and hosted site?

An Xplornet domain website requires a registered domain name and points to a storage location. It may or may not include emails and advanced hosting features. An Xplornet Hosted site is a place to FTP up to 50 MB of storage that is accessible from the internet without all the advanced features that a domain website has access to.

5) How do I cancel my domain or email?

The account holder can contact us at 1-866-841-6001 or hosting@corp.xplornet.com


1) I am unable to log in to webmail.

If you are using a bookmark to access webmail, you will need to update your bookmarks to webmail.domain.tld, where domain.tld is your full domain name (the portion of your email address after the @ sign), or use https://email.xplornet.com. Your Username is your full email address. Your password should still be the same as it was on the old email server.

2) Will I need any specific settings?

See our email settings article here.

3) Why am I receiving multiple emails?

If you are currently using POP, your 3rd party software treats the mirrored email as a new email from the new server which could be downloaded to your software a second time.

4) I can’t send/receive emails, what do I do?

Ensure that you have made the necessary changes to all settings in your email client (see above). If that still doesn’t help, please contact 1-866-841-6001 or hosting@corp.xplornet.com

5) I received a message stating I am over my limit and am unable to send?

  1. Please check the storage for your mailbox as it could be over the 1GB limit. You can review the folders for how much each uses. Ensure your trash and junk mail folders are emptied regularly.
  2. It is possible the email you are sending is too large or you have exceeded the 50 emails per minute allowance.

6) Why is my email in English? How do I change this to French?

Following the steps below:

– Once logged into your Webmail, click on the Preferences tab, located across the top

– Then click on ‘Mail Preference’, located on the left

– In the main window, go to ‘Select your preferred language’ and select ‘Français’

7) Why am I receiving spam?

It’s possible that the spam filter is not turned on. To fix this issue, please follow the screenshots below:

– Once logged into your Webmail, click on the Preferences tab, located across the top

– Then click on ‘Spam Preference’, located on the left

– Modify the ‘Junk Filter Status’ to your preference and click ‘Save’

8) What SPAM settings do you recommend?

We recommend using “Standard Filtering” for the “Junk filter status” and “Quarantine Junk” for the “filter type”; however you can modify them at any time by repeating the steps mentioned above.

9) I am missing emails?

If you are unable to locate the emails in any of your folders in Webmail, please contact Xplornet at 1-866-841-6001 or hosting@corp.xplornet.com

10) How do I whitelist/blacklist?

– Once logged into your Webmail, click on the Preferences tab, located across the top

– Then click on ‘Spam Preference’, located on the left

– There are two windows located on the right, ‘Whitelist’ and ‘Blacklist’

– Simply enter an email address in either window

11) Where do I find the settings to add my email in an email client or mobile device?

Go here: http://24hourwebhostingsupport.com/email/
12) I can’t remember my email password.

It can be reset within your domain’s new Control Panel. If you need help with this, please contact Xplornet at 1-866-841-6001 or hosting@corp.xplornet.com.



1) Do you have any tutorials to help me build my site?

Yes, there are multiple tutorials available within your Control Panel, typically found in the upper right corner.

2) I can’t get the wizard to work.

Pop up blockers need to be disabled in order to allow you to use the wizard. Java and Flash must also be up to date. If you are using Internet Explorer, you must use version 9 or using compatibility mode. Other browsers should be compatible.

3) Why does my website look different in different browsers?

Some browsers can translate your design differently with regards to spacing and sizing. Our best recommendation is to test your site in multiple browsers to find an acceptable layout.

4) Is there a Help section in the Control Panel?

Many of the applications and features have their own “Help” icon in the Control Panel. The Support feature is currently under development. These are both typically located in the upper right corner.

5) I used the Feedback and Contact Us section in the Control Panel but have not received a response from anyone.

These features are currently under development.  Please contact Xplornet at 1-866-841-6001 or hosting@corp.xplornet.com if you have any questions or would like to provide your feedback to us.

6) My name server does not appear to be working? I did not register my domain with Xplornet.

Xplornet’s old hosting uses ns1.xplornet.com and ns2.xplornet.com; you should be using ns1.meganameservers.com or ns2.meganameservers.com.

7) How do I use the EasySite Wizard?

The easiest way to learn is to follow the tutorial video available within the Control Panel.

8) I currently cannot upload to my website?

We recommend you verify your FTP username and password. FTP can be accessed via the settings created for your site, using your username, password and port 21. If your issues continue, please contact Xplornet at 1-866-841-6001 or hosting@corp.xplornet.com.

9) I received a message stating I am over my limit and am unable to upload to my site?

On the bottom left of your Control Panel, you can view how much space is being used on your site along with how much space is still available. In order to add new content, you will need to remove or reduce the file sizes on your site. Common culprits are photos uploaded at full resolution without being resized.

10) Why is my Control Panel in English? How do I change this to French?

– Go to top right hand side and click on the drop down under My Account

– Click on General

– Select the language of your choice.

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