Did you know that using older Wi-Fi routers can slow down your Internet connection? Not all routers are created equal.


Get the most from your high-speed Internet with the
Xplornet Wi-Fi Router.


Upgrade to the Xplornet Wi-Fi Router for only $5/month1, and ensure you have the perfect wireless network for your rural high-speed connection.

You already have great rural Internet, now add the latest technology to connect your family’s devices.


Get connected with the Xplornet Wireless Router.
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The Safer Router for Your Family

Block inappropriate content, control the time your kids spend online, and encrypt your connection from online threats, all with the Xplornet Wi-Fi Router.

Peace of Mind

If there are problems with your Xplornet Wi-Fi Router, we’ll replace it.2 Plain and simple.

One-Stop Support for Your Internet Network

Avoid multiple support calls for your old router and Xplornet Internet. Our Customer Care team can support your entire Internet connection, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Connect Your Whole Home with Xplornet Home Phone³

Xplornet Home Phone connects seamlessly with your Xplornet Wi-Fi Router, without the complicated installations required from other home phone providers.

Just add Xplornet Home Phone to your subscription, plug in your phone, and start talking to friends and family!

Taxes apply. Subject to change without notice.

Certain limitations apply. See xplornet.com/legal/service-warranty for warranty terms.

³ Xplornet 911 service operates differently than traditional 911. For Traffic Management Policies and 911 Terms and Limitation of Liability, see xplornet.com/legal.