Our goal is to ensure that each Xplornet customer receives fair and consistent access to the Internet. A small percentage of customers are responsible for a disproportionate share of data usage on our network. To minimize the impact that heavier users might have on the experience of other Xplornet customers, we have implemented a Fair Access Policy. Our intent with this policy is to affect the fewest customers while helping maintain the best speeds for the majority of customers.

On your service the Fair Access Policy is based on a daily usage allowance. If you exceed your daily allowance, your service will go into “Recovery Mode”. While in Recovery Mode, your speed will be restricted to a maximum of 150 kbps. Recovery Mode will continue for 24 hours. At the end of 24 hours, Recovery Mode will end, and you will begin a new 24 hour period with a fresh daily allowance.

HughesNet Ka Service Package Maximum Speeds and Bandwidth Allowances

Basic Lite1.5 Mbps256 kbps500 MB150 kbps
Basic1.5 Mbps256 kbps500 MB150 kbps
Pro1.5 Mbps256 kbps500 MB150 Kbps
Pro Plus5.0 Mbps256 kbps2000 MB150 Kbps
Elite5.0 Mbps1.0 Mbps2000 MB150 Kbps
Elite Plus5.0 Mbps1.0 Mbps2000 MB150 Kbps
Elite Premium5.0 Mbps1.0 Mbps2000 MB150 Kbps
Starter1.5 Mbps256 kbps500 MB150 Kbps
Share5.0 Mbps1.0 Mbps2000 MB150 Kbps

*Note: The listed packages are Xplornet’s standard offers. Depending upon your region, your package may have a different name. However, your Fair Access Policies will be consistent with the service packages of the same speed configurations above.

To encourage users to shift demanding usage to off-peak hours, we have a “Free Download Period”. Any usage during this period, which runs from 2am to 7am EST daily, is not counted against your daily allowance. Also, the speed restrictions associated with Recovery Mode are suspended during this period.

As well, there is an additional policy that affects all customers on your platform. This policy operates only during peak hours (between 8am and 1am EST). During this time, we subject traffic related to applications that are considered non time-sensitive (such as peer-to-peer file sharing, including BitTorrent-type applications, news groups, and online data storage (e.g. Rapidshare) to a peak transfer speed of 5-10% of the unrestricted maximum speed on your package.  During non-peak hours (between 1am and 8am EST) this policy is not active.

In addition, there is Dynamic Congestion Management (DCM). This dynamic policy will respond to congestion in a part of the network by identifying those users in that part of the network who are consuming the most bandwidth and reducing their speeds to approximately half their maximum speed for a period of 15 minutes. At the end of 15 minutes, if congestion in that part of the network continues to be an issue, the system will once again calculate which users have been consuming the most bandwidth in the prior 15 minutes, and implement the speed restriction on that newly-calculated set of users.