Our goal is to ensure that each Xplornet customer receives fair and consistent access to the Internet. A small percentage of customers are responsible for a disproportionate share of data usage on our network. To minimize the impact that heavier users might have on the experience of other Xplornet customers, we have implemented Internet Traffic Management Policies. Our intent with these policies is to affect the fewest customers while helping maintain the best speeds for the majority of customers.

These Internet Traffic Management Policies, as described below, will not cause your transfer speed to fall below 100 kbps.

24 Hour Usage Allowance

On your package there is a 24-hour usage allowance of 4 gigabytes (GB). When our network detects that you have used more than 4GB in the prior 24-hour period, your service will go into “Recovery Mode”. While in Recovery Mode, your speed will be reduced to a maximum of 50% of your package speed. Your prior 24 hours usage will be re-evaluated in 12 hours. Once that usage is below the daily allowance, Recovery Mode will end and your speed will no longer be restricted.

Peak Hours Policy

On your package there is also a policy that operates only during peak hours (between 8am and 1am local time). During this time, our network subjects traffic related to applications that are considered non time-sensitive (such as peer-to-peer file sharing, news groups, and online data storage) to a peak transfer speed of 300 kbps download and 100 kbps upload. During non-peak hours (between 1am and 8am local time) this policy is not active.

Dynamic Congestion Management Policy

On your service there is a dynamic congestion management policy which operates anytime network congestion is detected. This dynamic policy responds to congestion in a part of the network by identifying the top 10% of users in that part of the network who are consuming the most bandwidth and reducing their speeds to approximately half their maximum speed for a period of 15 minutes. At the end of 15 minutes, if congestion in that part of the network continues to be an issue, the system will once again calculate which users have been consuming the most bandwidth in the prior 15 minutes, and implement the speed restriction on that newly-calculated set of users.

Usage Allowance

Every service package currently offered by Xplornet includes a monthly usage allowance. Your usage is the amount of data sent and received to and from the Internet through your Xplornet account. This monthly usage allowance varies by package.  This is subject to change at any time at Xplornet’s discretion.

Depending on the features of your package, if you exceed your monthly usage allowance on specified packages, your service will go into a limited state or you will be billed for data used beyond your usage allowance.

  • Limited State Packages: If you exceed your monthly usage allowance, your service will go into a limited state. During this time, your download and upload speeds will be restricted to 150 kbps. The limited connection will continue for the remainder of your billing cycle.


  • Usage Charge Packages: When you exceed the usage allowance in a given billing cycle, you incur additional charges for data used beyond your usage allowance at a rate of $4.00/GB. For billing purposes, usage is rounded to the nearest byte.

To confirm the current monthly usage allowance on your package, the data you have used this billing cycle and whether your package currently has the Limited State or Usage Charge feature, please log into MyXplornet and click on the Usage Tracker.

If you are not an Xplornet customer, please see “Our Internet Packages” for the Monthly Usage Allowance applicable to available plans in your area.