At Xplornet, our products and services are developed with longevity and reliability in mind. However, we know that things can go wrong after the initial warranty period leading to additional costs for labor and hardware to get services back operating. These additional expenses, paperwork and down-time can be a tremendous burden. With Xplornet Xtra Care, you are covered from these stresses with our premium hassle-free program. If you are in a participating location, all paperwork, labor, and hardware will be taken care of allowing you to focus with comfort on connecting to what matters most.

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Peace of mind

Repairs are performed by an Xplornet certified professional. We’ll fix the problem as soon as we arrive at your home.


Stay protected from unexpected expenses if a service visit is required



Only $7.50 per month.1 The annual fee is less than the cost of a single service visit!

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