Xplornet Home Phone and Internet Bundles

It's time for a more convenient phone for the whole family, for less money³. Get unlimited province-wide calling and every other feature we offer for only $21.99 per month!

Add home phone to any Internet plan and save $12/month on home phone for the first three months!

Build Your Internet+Home Phone Package Or Call 1-877-959-3335 to get started

Want to keep your current phone number?

Many existing phone numbers can be used with Xplornet Home Phone, so switching is easier than ever!

Learn how to get started!

Xplornet Home Phone and Internet Bundles

With Xplornet Home Phone, your family can stay connected with one shared phone line.

Stop worrying about bad reception or dead cell phone batteries. Xplornet Home Phone uses your Internet connection to keep your family connected to friends, family, and emergency services 1.

Get the peace of mind that comes from Xplornet Home Phone for your family.

Stop Paying Too Much on Your Mobile & Home Phone Bills

Why pay for expensive cell phone long distance charges or overpriced traditional home phone services?

Xplornet Home Phone can save you as much as 35% compared to the average rural landline3, and every plan comes with province-wide calling, all for only $21.99/month.

Looking for North American calling? We have you covered there, too! Get Unlimited North American Calling for $24.99/month

Calling international numbers? Check out our rates, which are often less expensive than traditional and mobile phone rates.

It is time to start saving with Xplornet Home Phone.

Get Every Feature. Period.

Looking for voicemail? You got it!

Do you want that voicemail sent to your email? We have that, too!

Do you want to keep your current home phone number? We can probably help with that, too! Check our number lookup tool to see if your number is eligible.

Xplornet Home Phone includes every feature we offer in every single package, including:

● Unlimited Province-Wide Calling
● Voicemail
● Voicemail-to-Email
● Call Display
● Call Waiting
● Caller ID Block
● Call Forward
● Call Return
● Call Screening
● Do Not Disturb
● Three-Way Calling
● Web Access and Management

  • Every Feature. Period.

    Get every feature we offer, from call display and voicemail, and everything in-between!

  • Unlimited Province-Wide Calling

    Talk as much as you’d like to friends and family across the province. No limits!

  • No Term Required

    Don’t get stuck in a lengthy home phone contract. With Xplornet Home Phone, you can cancel anytime.

  • Keep Your Number

    Do you love your current home phone number? Most numbers can be transferred to Xplornet Home Phone!⁴

Call today to create your perfect home phone and Internet bundle.



Xplornet 911 service operates differently than traditional 911. For 911 Terms and Limitation of Liability, see xplornet.com/legal. Taxes apply. A $25 one time activation fee will be required for existing Xplornet Internet customers who activate a new Home Phone service. Existing customers are customers who have had an Xplornet Internet service for at least 30 days. A $75 administrative fee may be charged if Home Phone service is not activated within 30 days. 2 Long distance minutes apply to calling to the Canadian provinces (excluding the Canadian territories) and to the continental United States (excluding Alaska, Hawaii) and excluding US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Mexico. 3 According to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission’s Communications Monitoring Report 2017.Not all existing phone numbers can be ported to Xplornet Home Phone services. Check number availability at https://xplornet.force.com/customers/HomePhoneLookupTool