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Why Choose Fibre?

You may know Xplornet as one of the largest rural-focused broadband providers in Canada. We are now excited to announce the launch of our new fibre optic Internet service – Xplore Fibre!

Fibre technology is faster than traditional cable or copper and offers great consistency and reliability. Xplore Fibre runs on a direct connection from your home to our network. It's 100% fibre all the way with symmetrical gigabit speeds and truly unlimited data!

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Available Now in Select Areas

Xplore Fibre has launched and we are continuing to expand throughout the year.

Enter your name and contact details in our look-up tool below, and check to see if services are available in your neighbourhood.

Find out if Xplore Fibre is available in your area

Enter your address and we'll check to determine whether fibre service will be available in your area.