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Static IP Connectivity

Xplornet's commercial static IP service enables your business to connect to the Internet with a dedicated address that doesn't change - providing access to an array of advanced services & applications. Delivered via satellite & LTE, Xplornet ensures consistent connectivity for your network - no matter how remote your location.


Static IP Connectivity

Xplornet Enterprise Solutions delivers static IP services via satellite & LTE networks – no matter how remote your location – for business & enterprise clients.

Our commercial static IP solutions enable your business to connect to the Internet with a dedicated address that doesn’t change – providing access to an array of advanced services & applications.

Consider these benefits of a static IP address:

Service & Application Efficiency
Xplornet Enterprise Solutions static IP services enable more efficient connectivity between your business locations and making it easier for customers to reach you, no matter how remote the locations across Canada.

Data Exchange
Static IPs can be used to easily connect devices to share large files over the network. FTP servers can be set up with a static IP to transfer files efficiently and securely.

Dynamic IPs are always changing. That means more work for your server as it refreshes to update device IPs. Static IPs reduce the risk of server interruptions while minimizing network administrative overhead costs.

Remote Access
Virtual Private Networking access is more efficient using a static IP address, creating greater service consistency for VPN service applications.

With Xplornet Enterprise Solutions, our flexible static IP solutions delivered via satellite & LTE will ensure your business enjoys reliable high-bandwidth connectivity that drives performance and productivity – no matter how remote your location across Canada.

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