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Enterprise Services

With top speed & performance, Xplornet Enterprise Solutions are the preferred broadband Internet service provider for over 900 business & Government clients across Canada. We will help you keep both your office & field operations flexible, innovative & competitive - without driving up operating costs.

Enterprise Services

Xplornet Business Internet Site Conectivity

Site Connectivity
Xplornet Enterprise Solutions provides broadband connectivity to remote and hard-to-serve locations across Canada. Xplornet Enterprise Solutions serves over 1000 business & Government clients in Alberta, BC & Saskatchewan from a network involving an expansive satellite footprint, combined with over 600 Towers (PoP’s). Some of the largest corporations in Canada rely on Xplornet Enterprise Solutions to connect their field sites to head office, and we provide connectivity and operational support to many regional Internet Service Providers (ISP’s).

Xplornet Business Internet Satellite Services

Satellite & Fixed-Wireless Internet
Our BISConnectTM services offer unsurpassed broadband speed & performance, delivering up to 25 Mbps downloads over 4G Ka band Satellite and terrestrial Fixed-Wireless networks to your business. Our 4G satellites are light-years ahead of their predecessors, giving Canadian businesses everywhere fast, reliable and affordable high-speed Internet service, offering coverage where other providers simply can’t reach.
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Xplornet Business Internet Dedicated Networking

Dedicated Internet Access
Your network is the backbone of your business, so naturally, you want an Internet connection that boosts productivity while keeping costs to a minimum. Xplornet Enterprise Solutions provides custom-engineered solutions for your business – serving symmetrical data transfer on our ultra high-speed fibre networks, providing an unmatched redundant connection with a 100% SLA, 4 hr. MTTR, dedicated account managers & industry-leading technical support.
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Xplornet Business Internet Best Safety Practices

At Xplornet Enterprise Solutions, we understand how important safety is, to both our employees and our customers. Our team members are equipped & certified to perform their duties in any environment. Xplornet Enterprise Solutions is COR certified and we maintain site access and safety requirements in order to perform work in all site conditions, including: Utilities, Government, Mining, Oilfield, and Carrier/Services.

Xplornet Business Internet Technical Support

Xplornet Enterprise Solutions delivers quick-turnaround 24/7 service & support. Our Network Operations Centre (N.O.C.) offers Tier 2 (and up) support to quickly diagnose, repair or work together with our valued Customers to maintain and support mission critical telecom solutions.

Xplornet Business Internet Certification & Permits

Xplornet Enterprise Solutions follows guidelines and specifications to ensure that we consistently meet world class standards in safety, reliability & quality. Our Field staff holds certification & permits with: COR, APEGA, High Angle Rescue, Fall Arrest, First Aid & H2S. Xplornet Enterprise Solutions subscribes to Complyworks and ISNetworld and holds many site-specific safety certifications, available upon request. We also have PMP Certified resources with the ability to deliver turnkey Telecom solutions.

Field & Construction Services for Xplornet Business Internet

Field & Construction Services
Xplornet Enterprise Solutions offers full turn-key telecom construction services including: site development, design, procurement, construction, tower construction/rigging, project management, audit and maintenance. Our experienced tower teams are qualified to service Telecommunications, Broadcasting, Government, Oilfield, & Utility sites from tower to power.

Xplornet Business Internet Tower Construction & Maintenance Services

Tower Construction & Maintenance
Our experienced tower team is qualified to build & service vertical infrastructures (guyed, self-supporting, monopoles) across any industry, ensuring existing towers are compliant with current engineering standards. Site maintenance & repairs on existing towers also provided, including electrical & lighting troubleshooting and antenna/transmission line supply & installation. Civil construction services include site access roads, tower/shelter compounds, fencing and tower anchors.

Xplornet Business Internet Emergency Break-Fix Services

Emergency Break-Fix
Towers, antennas, routers and other mission-critical equipment can fail due to age or environmental factors. Our experienced field and infrastructure team are able to respond quickly to meet emergency “break-fix” needs. We understand each moment of downtime means lost revenue for our clients. Our repair & troubleshooting processes are designed with urgency and responsiveness for our Customers at the heart of what we do.

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