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Connections are at the heart of every small community, and Hundred Mile is no different. Making connections within and beyond your community is important for building relationships both socially and professionally. With Xplornet you’ll be able to reach loved ones or business colleagues with reliable high-speed Internet capabilities at an affordable price.

Now with our latest satellite launch, Xplornet is bringing our customers here speeds up to 25 Mbps, which means downloading, chatting, and browsing online effortlessly. Cold, blustery nights in Hundred Mile can now be spent streaming your favourite movie or online gaming with friends without connection issues. Whatever you decide to do with your online experience, Xplornet has you covered. For more information about unlimited data, and our available coverage, contact us today and we can help you choose a package that’s right for you!

Call us today at 1-877-443-2815 to learn more about high-speed Internet in your area!

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