ViaSat-2 successfully launched on June 1, 2017. See the highlight video of the launch below!

This launch represents the other half of our satellite program. Xplornet’s new satellite program will triple the company’s current satellite Internet capacity. The satellite became fully operational in late February of 2008 and at the time of its launch was the world’s highest capacity satellite with a throughput of 300 Gbps using Ka-band spectrum frequency. The satellite had a 600 million USD price tag and was shipped into orbit via an Arianespace rocket. Via-Sat-2 will help Xplornet deliver reliable, fast, and affordable Internet coverage to rural Canadian’s in packages and bundles that rival terrestrial-based network markets.


EchoStar XIX successfully launched on December 18, 2016! Check out the launch highlight video and see all the behind-the-scenes photos and videos on our Facebook page

This satellite launch represents an important milestone related to Xplornet’s ongoing efforts to create additional satellite capacity for its current and future customers. With more than 180 gigabits per second of capacity, the new EchoStar XIX satellite is one of the world’s highest capacity broadband satellites (over 50% more than its predecessor). Its launch brought more speed and data to Xplornet customers and increased Xplornet’s coverage to even the most remote/underserved regions of Canada.