Xplornet’s New and Upgraded LTE Towers

Xplornet internet tower

Welcome to Xplornet MythBusters! This month, while announcing our latest new and updated towers we wanted to take an opportunity to debunk some of the most common misconceptions about Xplornet.

Myth 1: Xplornet throttles speeds

The Truth: When an Internet service provider actively slows down your internet connection after hitting a certain amount of data usage, it’s called a soft cap. On all of Xplornet’s LTE unlimited data plans we do not put soft caps in place. This means, we won’t actively slow down your Internet speed based on how much data you are using if you are on one of these plans.

We use network management policies during times of high traffic that are designed to protect the network and help ensure a good overall experience for our customers. During times when the network is not busy, customers may see speeds that are even higher than their monthly plan!

Myth 2: We slow down speeds after the first month of service

The Truth: This one is 100% myth. We do not change plan speeds after the first few months of service or at any other time.

Myth 3: We are a satellite-only company

The Truth: Xplornet started with satellite, an incredible technology that allowed us to connect people in rural and remote areas across this great nation.

But now we are very much fixed wireless based. This means we can provide a direct connection between a modem in the home and a nearby tower. We started with Satellite and this service is still very reliable and used in areas where there is no direct wireless opportunity. We even offer speeds up to 50 Mbps on some satellite beams. A majority of our effort now is focused on growing and expanding our fixed wireless network as fast as possible. We are actively encouraging satellite customers who can to switch to our LTE platform. For example, we’ve informed customers in Ontario still on our satellite service to inquire to see if they can get LTE. Xplornet is now offering LTE service with speeds up to 50 Mbps speeds and unlimited data in most of Ontario and beyond.

For customers outside our LTE coverage, we are investing in the next-generation Jupiter-3 Ultra High Density satellite, planned for launch in 2021, that will deliver speeds up to 100 Mbps.

And, we can’t forget about fibre, the most future proof, lightening fast Internet technology there is. Xplornet currently has fibre projects under construction in several parts of the county!

Myth 4: Xplornet oversells their towers

The Truth: We closely monitor customer experience on every tower to minimize factors that could lead to lower speeds. For example, as the number of customers served by a tower nears its limit, we either expand the tower’s capacity or we stop adding new customers.

Myth 5: Once Xplornet builds a tower they stop investing

The Truth: Those of you who have been following this blog series now have proof that Xplornet is hard at work every month investing in our network, building new towers, and upgrading our current networks to bring next-generation technology, faster speeds and more capacity so that we can get more people connected. We have a vision for the future and are actively making things better, investing heavily into the network and future of Internet in rural areas.

Check out the list below to see what we were up to between Aug 22nd and October 29th. If your community is on this list and you’d like to inquire about Xplornet’s services call 1-855-291-3383. If you’d like information about updating your Xplornet Internet package contact us at 1-866-841-6001 today.

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Tower’s NameProvinceDateCommunity Name
Cooking LakeAlberta22-Aug-20Division No. 11
TatamagoucheNova Scotia22-Aug-20Colchester
Clyde (SO)Ontario31-Aug-20Waterloo
Paris POP (SO)Ontario31-Aug-20Brant
Sandhurst ShoresOntario31-Aug-20Lennox and Addington
NamaoAlberta14-Sept-20Division No. 11
Deseronto Mount CarmelOntario16-Sept-20Hastings
Seeley’s BayOntario25-Sept-20Leeds and Grenville
Lily LakeAlberta25-Sept-20Division No. 11
Ceylon South POPOntario28-Sept-20Grey
Seba Beach POPAlberta30-Sept-20Division No. 11
Garden GroveAlberta30-Sept-20Division No. 11
Erskine TowerAlberta2-Oct-20Division No. 7
RDW Poplar RidgeAlberta6-Oct-20Division No. 8
Munster Hamlet POPOntario19-Oct-20Ottawa