Xplornet brings you fast rural Internet service

June 21, 2017

Here at Xplornet, we are working hard to end the digital divide in Canada. That means using innovative technology to make sure our customers have fast, reliable and flexible Internet service — just like others in more urban areas of the country.

So, how do we do this?

On the ground, we have hundreds of 4G and LTE fixed towers all across Canada, while we have a variety of satellites in space, including the highest capacity broadband satellite ever launched. This hybrid network ensures no one is left behind and proves that quality Internet service is always possible.

We have a large group of trusted dealers and installers all over the country, ready to make reliable Internet a reality. Our dealers have gone the extra mile to make installations happen – literally! We’ve even installed high-speed Internet and phone service in a remote area of the South Chilcotin Mountains — a nine-hour journey on horseback, no less!

Getting started is simple.

Take our quiz here to help narrow down the right package for your unique needs. Find a package that will let you stream music, watch Netflix or YouTube and share photos quickly and easily. You can even add Home Phone, our Internet Security Suite, or give everyone in your home their own email address.

The options are truly endless, but one thing is always the same: Xplornet is committed to being your best choice for fast, reliable Internet service.