Social Media Networks Explained!

October 26, 2012

Quick! How many of those social media networks do you recognize?

I’m sure you got “The Big 3”: Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. What about the others? To help you out, we’ll explain what each network does (without using donuts) in 140 characters or less!

Twitter: For messaging-in-the-moment and great for short discussions. Messages are 140 characters or less to make it compatible with text messaging.

Facebook: To connect to friends, family, and brands. If it’s your only social media network, that’s probably ok.

Foursquare: Location-based social media network. Check-in to locations, compete with friends for points and get deals from businesses.

YouTube: The undisputed leader in online video viewing and sharing. The number 2 search engine behind only their owner, Google.

Instagram: Take photos using your iOS or Android device, and then apply a creative filter. Browse millions of other photos.

Pinterest: Create themed collections of images. Use it to help plan a wedding, build a wardrobe or anything in between.

Imgur: Pronounced image-er, this network makes image sharing easy. Place uploaded images on other networks in just a few clicks.

LinkedIn: Sometimes referred to as “Facebook for professionals”. Meant for business connections and networking.

Spotify: A music streaming service that analyzes your music preferences and builds your unique playlist. Soon to be available in Canada.

Google+: Highly visual social media network, focused on integrating with your Google accounts. Live streaming group video calling feature is unique.

What’s your favourite social media network? If it’s Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or Google+, be sure to connect with us!