Ramara Internet Update: New fixed wireless network now live! In collaboration with the Township of Ramara, Xplornet built three new towers and upgraded five to bring high-speed Internet to local residents!

Rathburn tower bringing Ramara Internet

Xplornet’s new towers in Mud Lake, Rathburn and Brechin are now complete and five other towers have been upgraded to allow communities across Ramara Township to access Internet with speeds up to 50 Mbps and unlimited data. These towers will serve 5,700 residents including rural households, businesses and people of the local First Nations communities.

The construction team have been hard at work over the past few months building and upgrading the network. These photos reflect some of the great work they’ve been doing to complete this project!

The on-site crew dug this hole, added what’s called a “foundation rebar” and later poured concrete to give the new tower in Brechin a steady base to stand on!

Brechin tower foundation

Here they are digging a similar foundation for the Rathburn tower.

Digging Rathburn tower foundation

On November 17th, the team pre-assembled the Rathburn tower on the ground to be ready for the crane to erect it the next day.

Rathburn tower will bring Internet to Ramara

This is what the Rathburn tower looks like today.

Rathburn tower bringing Internet to Ramara

Here you can see technicians on-site installing next-generation technology on the Udney tower to allow it to offer local residents Internet speeds up to 50 Mbps.

Udney tower bringing Internet to Ramara

This view was taken from the “microwave link” which connects all the towers together. You can see the reflection of the Brechin tower behind it!

Mircowave link in Ramara

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