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Tips for Managing Your Child’s Screen Time

Our daily lives are surrounded by technology. While having a wholly integrated technological world can be beneficial to us all…

Awareness & Education

Five Tips for Working From Home

With a variety of improved business communication platforms available and the advent of the 2020 global virus pandemic, more companies…


Become a lifelong student: how to learn online

One of the greatest fiction writers to ever grace the world with his prose, the late Kurt Vonnegut once said,…


Tips for keeping kids safe online

We all know how expansive and brilliant the online world has become. The Internet offers something for everybody. People are…


Prevent email phishing with these online anti-spam tips

Phishing is a scheme used by cyber criminals to gather your personal information such as online passwords, social insurance number,…

The Digital Lifestyle

Voice Assistants – Which One is Right For You?

A recent poll by the Media Technology Monitor showed that Apple’s Siri is Canada’s most popular virtual assistant, but is it the right one for you?


Social media networks explained!

Unless you have been living alone in an off-grid cabin in the Arctic for the past two decades, chances are…

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Our Commitment to Rural Canadians

We wanted to take a moment to share our commitment to our neighbours across rural Canada. You may have heard…

Awareness & Education

Keeping Teenagers Safe Online

The Internet has brought many benefits, in particular for teenagers, such as doing research on any topic or quickly connecting with friends & family. Despite all the advantages, the online world also raises safety concerns from cyberbullying, fraud and sexual predators.

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Are you Phishing Savvy?

Phishing scams are not new but they have increased significantly year over year. The challenge is that hackers are getting better at deceiving individuals by using companies’ logos and branding that look legitimate

Awareness & Education

Tips to boost your WIFI reception

A wireless network (WI-FI) router allows you to get online on multiple devices from anywhere within your home without a…

The Digital Lifestyle

Cyber Safety 101:

The Internet is full of wondrous sites, but it’s also full of unsavory characters you need to guard against. Use these tips as a guideline to keep your information secure from cyber criminals