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Keeping Teenagers Safe Online

The Internet has brought many benefits, in particular for teenagers, such as doing research on any topic or quickly connecting with friends & family. Despite all the advantages, the online world also raises safety concerns from cyberbullying, fraud and sexual predators.

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Are you Phishing Savvy?

Phishing scams are not new but they have increased significantly year over year. The challenge is that hackers are getting better at deceiving individuals by using companies’ logos and branding that look legitimate

Awareness & Education

Tips to boost your WIFI reception

A wireless network (WI-FI) router allows you to get online on multiple devices from anywhere within your home without a…

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Cyber Safety 101:

The Internet is full of wondrous sites, but it’s also full of unsavory characters you need to guard against. Use these tips as a guideline to keep your information secure from cyber criminals

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Keeping pets safe during the Holidays

We all look forward to the holidays and spending time with friends and family; however, the festive season can also…

Awareness & Education

Top 3 reasons why every family needs a home phone line

Home phones have evolved dramatically since having a long cord that could reach every corner of your kitchen or living…

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What’s new on Netflix in December

The Holiday season has many big blockbusters and family content to help entertain everyone who is coming around to visit.…

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Online resources to get you ready for the holidays

Are you ready for the most wonderful time of the year? The holidays are right around the corner and if…

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The best online resources for everyday task management

It’s simpler, faster and even more fun to manage your everyday tasks electronically. There are multiple apps and websites that…

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Security for your connected home

Virtual assistants, security cameras, thermostats and even the lock on your front door can be controlled by your phone over…