Our Commitment to Rural Canadians

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We wanted to take a moment to share our commitment to our neighbours across rural Canada.

You may have heard news about Internet providers cutting their investments in rural Canada.  One large Internet provider recently announced its intention to reduce investment by 20%.

Rest assured, we will continue to invest in rural Canada, and bring you better Internet regardless of where you call home.

Here is how we will deliver on that promise:

  • a $500-million investment in bringing wireless 5G technology to rural Canada
  • a new satellite capable of speeds up to 100 Mbps

And we’re just getting started. 

Your family deserves great Internet. It is what keeps you connected to what matters, from streaming video, to connecting to your job or school. Your options should be endless.

This is what drives us everyday. 

This is why we’re sharing our commitment again with you, now. We understand why people are concerned. After all, we live in rural Canada, too.  We were founded and remain proudly headquartered in Woodstock, New Brunswick – population of around 5,000.

Choosing to live in rural Canada shouldn’t mean dealing with sub-par Internet access.  We know firsthand that providing amazing broadband can be difficult, but we also know that it can be done. It is why we will continue to innovate and invest to deliver for rural Canadians.

This is our commitment to you.