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Fibre-to-the-premise networks offer the fastest broadband speeds available. Today, on National Technology Day, we’re going to explain how fibre optic Internet works and its benefits.

A fibre-to-the-premise network connects fibre optic cables directly to a customer’s home or business. Fibre optic cables use light signals to send data to and from your connected devices at much faster speeds than cable or copper lines. The connection is also more consistent and more reliable to deliver the best online experiences.

Looking at selling your home soon? Access to a fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) network can increase your home’s value by an average of 3.1% (based on a recent report from the Fibre Broadband Association). This is roughly the equivalent of adding a fireplace or half bath.

When construction begins in your area, our team will install a mainline in front of your home on municipal property. Crews will install underground connection boxes covered with a lid flush to the ground along the mainline, typically every 8-10 homes. This is where the fibre cable is accessed to connect your home.

Connecting your home to the mainline includes drilling a small underground service pipe (approximately 13mm or ½ inch diameter) from the edge of the roadway to the side of your home. We attach a small grey fibre box to the side of your home, usually located in the same area as your hydro meter. Our installation process is designed to minimize disruption to your lawn and landscaping.

Xplore Fibre is now available in Vernon Bridge and surrounding communities in PEI – with more communities to come soon! We’re continuously investing in our network with more fibre projects already underway in Quebec, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. To see if fibre is coming to your neighbourhood call 1-866-374-0998 today!

Right now, Metro Loop’s 100% pure fibre, powered by Xplornet, is available in Selkirk, Caledonia and rural areas of Cayuga and Dunnville. Metro Loop is also working on bringing 100% pure fibre directly to homes and businesses in Fisherville, Cheapside, Nanticoke, Featherstone Point, Peacock Point, Byng, Port Maitland and Oswego Park. If you’re ready to make the switch to lightning-fast Internet, give Metro Loop a call today at 1-877-741-5806.

And, in the west, Swift High Speed, a division of Xplornet, is bringing fibre to many rural communities in South Eastern Manitoba, including Kleefeld and Grunthal. Visit to sign up today!