Prevent email phishing with these online anti-spam tips

Your personal data is safe with Xplornet – see our privacy policy for details – but that won’t stop fraudsters from trying to get your personal or financial information by using our name in their phishing emails.

Take a look at our own Support article about phishing emails to help you identify phishing attempts. If you’ve received a phishing email, we encourage you to report it to us at, and to the RCMP through their Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

We’ve recently seen an increase in reports from our customers about phishing emails they’ve received; as described by the RCMP in this helpful email fraud and phishing FAQ, these emails often appear to be from a business that you deal with but are sent by fraudsters to get you to open the email and provide your personal information. The email may ask you to update, validate or confirm your account information, with a link to a fake website asking for these account details.

Remember: If you’ve received an email that you believe is an attempt to get personal information, defraud or scam you, be sure to check the links to see if they’ve been shortened (ex. or if they appear to be from a website other than Xplornet (ex. These links will likely lead you to a fake website asking for personal or financial information. Don’t click the links, and report the email to Xplornet! Below are some recent examples of phishing attempts sent to Xplornet customers.

Stay safe online!


Example of a fake link






Example of a phishing URL