Xplornet wins award for charity work in New Brunswick - June 7, 2018

Xplornet Communications Inc. has been recognized by its peers for its extensive community involvement by being awarded the prestigious Community Involvement Award for 2018 by ContactNB at a gala reception earlier this month in Moncton, New Brunswick. Since its inception in 2004, Xplornet has been an enthusiastic participant in community…

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Shaw TV and Xplornet High-Speed Internet: The Perfect Pair - February 22, 2018

There isn’t anything much better than sitting on the back deck or lying in bed binge watching your favourite TV shows with Shaw Direct’s FreeRange TV! But there is nothing more frustrating than having your screen freeze, right at the plot twist! Do you suffer from Freezeaphobia! Xplornet has a…

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Cutting the Cord in Rural Canada - January 16, 2018

The idea of “Cord Cutting” has been around for years. People seek to save money by leaving expensive television packages and instead using only high-speed Internet connections and online streaming companies, like Netflix and CraveTV. Unfortunately, because of past limitations in rural high-speed Internet, this trend was limited only to…

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How to do online research - October 23, 2017

The internet is full of information, so where does one begin to get the facts? Whether you’re a student doing online research for a paper or just looking for general knowledge without bias or embellishment, it’s important to know how to do better research and choose reliable and factually-sound resources.…

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Holiday-Bound: Planning a vacation - October 16, 2017

The world may be your oyster, but it can be tough and time consuming to plan a holiday. Read on for some suggestions of websites and apps to help you on your journey. Get Inspired Pinterest is a great place to start for inspiration about anything. Either search for specific locations you have…

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