Xplornet and Hughes Sign Agreement for EchoStar XIX Satellite

May 14, 2014

Woodstock, New Brunswick, Canada – Xplornet Communications Inc., Canada’s leading rural  broadband service provider, today announced that it has committed to Hughes Network Systems,  LLC (HUGHES), to a lifetime lease for all of the Canadian satellite broadband capacity on Hughes’  EchoStar XIX, a next-generation high throughput satellite due for launch in mid-2016. In addition to satellite capacity, Xplornet will take delivery of satellite gateways, operational and support services and  consumer user terminals in a program that is expected to be worth more than $200 Million.

Today, Xplornet offers high-speed Internet on its existing hybrid satellite and wireless broadband  network, including on the existing Hughes EchoStar XVII satellite. This new capacity will enable Xplornet  to offer faster speeds and more data, meaning even greater value to its rural Canadian customers.

“We are delighted that Xplornet have again chosen to partner with Hughes for next-generation  satellite capacity and technology,” said Mike Cook, senior vice president, Hughes. “As the worldwide  market leader in the provision of satellite broadband services and technology, we are excited to  continue to work with them to bring more speed, more efficiency and an enhanced user experience to  the Canadian market.”

“This agreement for all of the Canadian broadband capacity on the upcoming EchoStar XIX satellite  is another milestone in our long and successful relationship with Hughes,” said Allison Lenehan, CEO of  Xplornet. He further added, “This capacity will enable us to continue to meet the growing demands of  our rural customers. We are investing to deliver on the promise of making faster, more affordable high-speed Internet service available for every Canadian – connecting them to what matters.”

Built by Space Systems Loral, EchoStar XIX is planning to launch mid-2016 with over 160 Gbps  throughput, about 50 percent greater capacity than EchoStar XVII, which was launched in 2012 and is  the primary platform supporting nearly 1 million Xplornet and HughesNet® customers across Canada  and the United States. The new satellite is being designed with next-generation architecture with more  than 120 spot beams, facilitating the delivery of high- quality, high-speed services for at least 15 years.

About Xplornet Communications Inc.

Xplornet Communications Inc. is Canada’s largest rural broadband service provider. We believe  everyone should have access to the transformative benefits of broadband, so we make our service  available everywhere in Canada, including the hard to reach places. We overcome the challenges  of Canada’s vast geography through our deployment of Canada’s first national 4G network, which  leverages our hybrid technology network of fixed-wireless towers on the ground and next-generation  satellites in space. Our customers live in towns, villages, just outside of major urban centres and in the  farthest reaches of the country. Through our coast-to-coast network of local dealers and professional  installers we connect our customers to all that the Internet has to offer. Xplornet is high-speed Internet  –   for all of Canada – connecting to what matters. For more information, please visit www.xplornet.com.

About Hughes Network Systems

Hughes Network Systems, LLC (Hughes) is the world’s leading provider of satellite broadband for home  and office, delivering innovative network technologies, managed services, and solutions for enterprises  and governments globally. HughesNet is the #1 high-speed satellite Internet service in the marketplace,  with offerings to suit every budget. To date, Hughes has shipped more than 4 million systems to  customers in over 100 countries, representing approximately 50 percent market share. Its products  employ global standards approved by the TIA, ETSI and ITU organizations, including IPoS/DVB-S2, RSM- A, and GMR-1.

Headquartered outside Washington, D.C., in Germantown, Maryland, USA, Hughes operates sales and  support offices worldwide, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of EchoStar Corporation (NASDAQ: SATS), a  premier global provider of satellite operations and digital TV solutions. For additional information about  Hughes, please visit www.hughes.com.

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