The Story of Jacob – One Boy’s Journey from Dial-up to High-speed

April 12, 2005

On Tuesday April 12th, 2005, a little boy from Carp, ON named Jacob contacted Xplornet because he and his family couldn’t take dial-up any longer. The family had been so desperate to rid themselves of dial-up service they even considered moving from their current residence to an area that has high-speed. Jacob’s father Richard said, “I have been waiting, it seems for centuries, for an effective high-speed Internet provider. My wife and I have even considered moving to a location where service is available.” Talking about the benefit of Xplornet’s high-speed Internet service Richard says, “this solution would allow us to continue to live in a small community while being connected to the world.”

The family wanted more. They wanted the convenience of an always on, always ready connection. They wanted to download files in seconds, not minutes. In short, they wanted what so many urbanites already have access to and take for granted: high-speed Internet. Although Carp, ON is only 25 kilometers outside the city of Ottawa, currently residents do not have access to an affordable high-speed Internet service.

After hearing that Xplornet Internet Services was launching a Satellite high-speed Internet service, available Everywhere in Canada, Jacob’s father Richard snapped a few pictures of him holding a sign kindly asking for his family to be part of the service’s testing phase. After receiving an e-mail from Richard with Jacob’s picture attached, the Xplornet call center distributed the e-mail to the Marketing Department to show the lengths with which people were willing to go to receive the service.

We thanked them for the picture and told them we’d keep them apprised of the service’s launch. The family then thanked us. After seeing how creative this father and son team had been, everyone who saw the picture knew we had to somehow incorporate Jacob and his family into the Xplornet brand. Everyone felt it effectively captured the essence of what the Xplornet brand is all about. The picture captured the realness of the Xplornet brand and philosophy perfectly.

Xplornet’s Marketing team approached the family to see if they’d be willing to participate in the launch of the new Xplornet Ka-band satellite service. Luckily, the family was excited about the idea.

On Thursday, August 4th, Xplornet made the family the first official residential customer of Xplornet’s exciting new Satellite high-speed Internet service. So, after years of suffering with dialup service the entire family finally received high-speed Internet service.

Shortly after receiving the service Richard said, “we’ve been surfing the Internet since Thursday and we’re ecstatic about it. I can’t explain how convenient it is, not to mention how much Jacob loves it.”