New National Satellite Broadband Service

January 1, 2004

WOODSTOCK, NB – Xplornet – Canada’s largest and fastest growing broadband wireless service provider – has announced the Canadian launch of Tachyon, the first high-speed carrier-grade satellite network designed for small-to-medium sized businesses and government operations, providing the quality and speed of terrestrial broadband.

“Tachyon is specifically designed to provide uninterrupted permanent or temporary Internet access where terrestrial service is unavailable, too costly, too slow or too cumbersome to install,” said Bruce Barr, president. “Now, locations previously unreachable via terrestrial broadband – even very remote sites — can be served quickly and cost-effectively.”

“Whether they are businesses, hospitals, schools or government offices, Internet users outside of major urban centres no longer need to be prisoners of slow or expensive Internet service,” said Barr. “Traditional satellite services rely on hardware that was designed around legacy data and protocols, so it takes substantial equipment, effort and expense to make those services work in today’s environment,” said Barr. “Tachyon has gone beyond simple modifications to satellite systems originally developed for telephone service, as that does not provide the reliable high-speed connectivity needed for TCP/IP data networks. Tachyon has achieved the same speed, reliability, performance and security via high-speed satellite as from terrestrial networks.”

Tachyon broadband satellite service through Xplornet provides TCP/IP standards-compliant connectivity and ensures mission-critical data transfer, via Virtual Private Networks. “Our straightforward approach to delivering superior broadband satellite solutions means problem-free installation plus maintenance and scalability,” he said.

Tachyon’s gateway connects to the Internet or other fibre networks and consists of a satellite dish, transmit/receive electronics, modem, server computers and data networking equipment. Tachyon’s customer premise equipment — the user’s remote connection to the Tachyon high-speed network — has a variety of options that provide static-mount or transportable satellite broadband connectivity. Tachyon integrates easily and quickly with any existing network infrastructure.

“As needs for greater capacity grow, the user never needs to buy new equipment – bandwidth can be increased with a telephone call to the Xplornet Customer Care Centre,” said Barr.

Tachyon’s system uses geostationary satellites and uses Ku-band and other frequencies, which are available all over the world. Using its unique patented technology, Tachyon has overcome the challenges of performance, reliability and channel noise of TCP/IP traffic over satellites.

“The surge in broadband satellite demand for the small to medium-sized market has created a need for greater variety and scalability of solutions,” he said. “In particular, Tachyon is ideal for SMEs that have multiple locations in remote areas with large data transport needs, for example companies involved in oil, mining, energy, construction and transportation, as well as many government operations and health care applications.”

Of particular importance, Tachyon guarantees Quality of Service and backs its guarantee up with full Service Level Agreements, unique in Canada. Customer service and tech support is provided by Xplornet’s in-house call centre based in New Brunswick.

Xplornet also announced today an important milestone — the signing of the 5,000th subscriber for the company’s Xplornet Satellite High-Speed Internet Service offering.

“A rapidly-growing number of households, schools and smaller enterprises in rural and remote settings are benefiting from Xplornet,” Barr said. “Without this satellite service, many Canadians in remote or difficult terrain would be denied important broadband Internet access.

Satellite delivery can be provided anywhere in Canada, enabling customers to get immediate service, and potentially convert to the faster, more cost-effective Xplornet Wireless High-Speed Internet service as that infrastructure is installed in their community, he said.

In addition, Xplornet is continuing to roll out the first fixed wireless high-speed Internet service that provides cost-effective, top quality broadband access to all categories of users in rural, remote and First Nations communities anywhere in Canada.

“Our technology will be the first in Canada to use a fixed wireless platform to deliver full-service broadband nationwide,” said Barr. “Users in previously inaccessible or expensive sites will be able to receive fast, reliable and secure Internet access at an affordable rate because of our new technology and competitive pricing.”


About Tachyon Networks
Founded in 1997, Tachyon Networks Incorporated provides satellite-based, carrier-grade, broadband communications network solutions to companies and governments to initiate their gateway into high speed internet access, to upgrade them from dial-up or to augment their existing terrestrial networks. Tachyon’s broadband satellite network is the first to replicate the “look and feel” of terrestrial networks through patented TCP/IP signal processing and protocol software, encrypted traffic accelerators and other patented technologies. Tachyon is the only provider to offer guaranteed performance through Service Level Agreements for satellite broadband. Privately held, Tachyon maintains offices in Vienna, Virginia, San Diego, California and Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

About Barrett Xplore
Xplornet is a brand of Barrett Xplore Inc. of Woodstock, New Brunswick. Barrett Xplore, a division of Barrett Corporation, is one of the province’s leading companies with significant activity in developing and managing new technology services, including hardware distribution, managing a national electronics dealer network and managing customer services. Barrett Xplore has been the exclusive Master Distributor for Star Choice satellite television, having performed critical sales and distribution functions from startup in 1997 to some 800,000 subscribers nationwide today, creating the country’s strongest independent dealer network in the process, which is proving to be invaluable to the deployment and penetration of Xplore services throughout rural and remote Canada.