High-Speed Internet service now available in Rural Ottawa

January 1, 2007

OTTAWA, ON – Today, the City of Ottawa in partnership with Xplornet Internet Services, a division of Barrett Xplore Inc., announced the availability of high-speed Internet service to everyone in rural Ottawa. Xplornet will ensure high-speed Internet service through its use of dual technology – fixed wireless and satellite.  This means that Ottawa is the first major municipality in Canada to ensure complete rural access to broadband at speeds, quality and price comparable to urban areas.

“As Mayor of Canada’s farming capital, I’m proud that we are delivering high-speed Internet to every rural door and community in Ottawa,” said Mayor Larry O’Brien. “This provides us with unprecedented opportunities to deliver City e-services directly to homes and businesses across the city.”

This levels the playing field between urban and rural Ottawa; it also brings to the rural areas expanded opportunities for business, education, communication and access to government services.

“Barrett Xplore is proud to partner with the City of Ottawa.  Barrett Xplore is Canada’s largest and fastest growing provider of rural broadband, and we’re pleased to bring our urban quality broadband service with 24/7 customer support to every resident of rural Ottawa” said John Maduri, CEO of Barrett Xplore.

Barrett Xplore’s partnership with the City of Ottawa began earlier this year when the company won a competitive bid tendered by the City to provide 100% broadband coverage to every corner of rural Ottawa.

To date, the City has made steady progress, expanding rural broadband availability since its Broadband Plan was adopted in 2003, from a starting position of 2%, to full coverage today. Rural residents and businesses participating in the November 2005 Rural Summit reinforced the need for the City to continue its efforts to provide full coverage of broadband in rural areas.

The City’s broadband objectives align perfectly with Barrett Xplore’s mission to provide first-class broadband to rural homes and businesses everywhere in Canada. Barrett Xplore has worked with Motorola to complete in excess of 200 fixed wireless broadband deployments in rural Canada, reaching 300 rural communities and covering 350,000 homes and businesses.

In addition to its extensive wireless broadband coverage, it has also partnered with Telesat Canada to deliver high-speed Internet access using satellite technology everywhere in Canada.

Anyone interested in learning more can visit ottawa.ca/rural. Those who want to sign up for this new service can visit xplornet.com and click the Ottawa link for detailed information. An Xplornet representative will be in touch with customers to provide updates and installation information.