High Speed Internet in the Lower St. Lawrence (CIMT-TV)

January 1, 2011

Video in French: Transcription Below:

HIGH-SPEED INTERNET IN THE LOWER ST. LAWRENCE CHRISTINE LEPAGE (CIMT-TV): High-speed internet will soon be available throughout the Lower St. Lawrence. Barrett Xplore, which will be offering the service, has already begun testing the network. Residents of the area have been waiting for this for some time and are relieved to hear this news. Dominic Arseneau.

DOMINIC ARSENEAU (CIMT-TV): The wait is nearly over. High-speed internet will soon be available throughout the KRTB.
UNIDENTIFIED INTERVIEWEE 1: It’s about time, it really is about time.
DOMINIC ARSENEAU: 7,000 residences in the KRTB do not have access to high-speed. To connect everyone, Barrett Xplore uses towers like this. The signal is sent to a small antenna installed at every residence subscribing to the service. Houses that are farther away can receive the signal via satellite the same way as television.
The first active towers to perform the tests are in Les Basques, and also in the counties of Rivière-du-Loup, first in Saint-Arsène and now here in Saint-Antonin.
CHARLES BEAUDET (General Manager for Eastern Canada, Barrett Xplore): We have about 12 sites that are functional. We will be adding eight more by February 1st.
DOMINIC ARSENEAU: Nearly 150 residences are already connected.
CHARLES BEAUDET: We will be testing the network’s strength; for example we will test the interaction with our call centre, etc.
DOMINIC ARSENEAU: Residents in areas that were not serviced are delighted with the arrival of high-speed internet.
UNIDENTIFIED INTERVIEWEE 2: We have a small home-based business on eBay, so this will be quite helpful to us because it’s kind of hard the way things are. It’s a drag not to have high-speed.
UNIDENTIFIED INTERVIEWEE 1: Most people were complaining because they didn’t have it.
UNIDENTIFIED INTERVIEWEE 1: It’s so long, you go to a webpage and it takes time to get to it. This is a good thing.
DOMINIC ARSENEAU: The Regional Economic Council initiated this project given the importance of high-speed internet today.
MICHEL LAGACÉ (President, REC of the Lower St. Lawrence): The population has grown to the extent where this has become an essential service.
DOMINIC ARSENEAU: Barrett Xplore promises that both the cost of subscription and network speed will be the same as in the city. The goal is to offer high-speed internet throughout the area by February 1st. Dominic Arseneau, in Saint-Arsène.