City Signs Contract With Barrett Xplore

January 1, 2007

WOODSTOCK, NB – The City of Ottawa completed negotiations with Barrett Xplore Inc. to deliver 100% broadband coverage to the remaining unserviced areas in rural Ottawa. The contract, signed today at a meeting of the City’s Agricultural and Rural Affairs Committee, will ensure that every resident and business will have access to fast, affordable and reliable high-speed Internet.

Now that the agreement is finalized, the network can be put in place,” said Cumberland Councillor Rob Jellett, who is Chair of the Agricultural and Rural Affairs Committee.  “By the end of this summer, all urban and rural residents will be able to get access to the broadband network if they want it. Once the digital divide is gone, rural residents and businesses will have the same access and opportunities as their urban neighbours.”

Barrett Xplore will use two technologies to deliver 100% rural broadband coverage – fixed wireless and satellite. Barrett Xplore will rely mostly on fixed wireless systems, where a tower beams a signal to and from a receiver mounted on the consumer’s property.  But, in cases where topography or foliage makes this impossible (estimated to be less than 5% of rural households), a small satellite dish – 67 cm – will be used to deliver satellite broadband service to those hard-to-reach consumers.”

The Barrett Xplore team is really looking forward to rolling this service out over the summer,” added John Maduri, CEO of Barrett Xplore. “Over the next few months we will be installing the towers needed to deliver fixed wireless service and working with our distributors.”

The costs to the consumer will be very close to that of urban Internet service providers, but will depend somewhat on whether a resident can use fixed wireless, or will require a satellite installation.  Fixed wireless packages start at $29.99 per month. Basic installation costs for the wireless service are $149 with a two-year contract and $99 with a three-year contract.  Barrett Xplore will offer a heavily reduced fixed rate of $199 to cover the costs of satellite installation for the few customers who will require that service. Satellite packages start at $49.99 per month.

Anyone interested in learning more can visit Those who want to sign up for this new service can visit and click the Ottawa link for detailed information. Barrett Xplore will be in touch with customers to provide updates and installation information.

About Barrett Xplore Inc.
Headquartered in New Brunswick, Barrett Xplore is Canada’s largest and fastest growing wireless broadband service provider. In addition to the company’s extensive wireless broadband coverage, it has also teamed up with Telesat Canada to deliver high-speed Internet using satellite technology to people everywhere in Canada, with a particular focus on rural, remote and suburban communities. BXI deploys best-fit broadband technology using a combination of fixed wireless and satellite platforms that are specifically designed to provide fast, affordable and reliable access for homes and businesses that are unserved or under-serviced by other providers.