Barrett Xplore Says CRTC Decision Regarding Rural Broadband is Anti-Competitive

January 1, 2010

Woodstock, NB – In response to today’s CRTC decision, Barrett Xplore Inc, Canada’s largest provider of rural broadband services, described the decision as anti-competitive and an ineffective use of monies.

“We are disappointed that the result of this long process has been to provide what amounts to a $306.3 million subsidy for a major teleco to compete with existing smaller rural Internet service providers”, said C.J. Prudham, Chief Legal Counsel at Barrett Xplore Inc. Barrett Xplore Inc. established itself as Canada’s leading rural broadband provider by creating and executing on a privately funded business model that works in rural Canada. “Barrett’s Xplornet Services and other ISPs currently offer affordable services to 60% of the rural Canadians being targeted by this funding. This decision has effectively given Bell a $5,000 leg-up, per customer, to compete against incumbent rural Internet service providers.”

“After an almost five year process, it will take up to another four years for this expensive solution to be delivered while other companies could be delivering reliable and affordable solutions much sooner” said Ms. Prudham.

About Barrett Xplore Inc.
Headquartered in Woodstock, New Brunswick, Barrett Xplore Inc. operates Xplornet Internet Services, Canada’s largest rural broadband provider, with customers and dealers in every province and territory. Barrett Xplore aims to bridge the urban/rural digital divide by ensuring that every Canadian, regardless of where they live, has access to broadband, thereby enabling them to compete effectively in the global economy and gain access to essential government and educational services. For additional information, please visit