Barrett Xplore Awarded Major Ottawa Area Broadband Contract

January 1, 2007

WOODSTOCK, N.B. – Barrett Xplore is pleased to announce that it has won a competitive bid from the City of Ottawa to provide 100% rural broadband coverage to its residents and businesses. In 2003, Ottawa City Council began a project to make broadband available to every Ottawa area resident; today they approved a recommendation to choose Barrett Xplore to complete that plan.

Barrett Xplore is Canada’s largest and fastest growing wireless broadband service provider. Barrett’s mission is to ensure every Canadian has access to fast, affordable and reliable broadband services. Barrett Xplore has worked with Motorola to complete in excess of 200 wireless broadband deployments in rural Canada, reaching 300 rural communities and covering 350,000 homes and businesses. In addition to its extensive wireless broadband coverage, it has also teamed up with Telesat Canada to deliver high-speed Internet access using satellite technology everywhere in Canada.

While broadband is available in most urban regions, lower population density in rural Canada creates a challenge in terms of broadband delivery.  “That has created an urban/rural gap that is a serious disadvantage for rural businesses, homes, students and public services,” said John Maduri, CEO of Barrett Xplore. “Our wireless and satellite technologies bridge that gap, and offer rural broadband that’s fast, affordable and reliable.  Getting broadband everywhere in Canada is no longer limited by technology.  The City of Ottawa’s thorough and extensive tender process confirmed that Barrett is the best fit for rural broadband delivery,” said Maduri.

“The City of Ottawa sees what we see. Canada needs to close the urban/rural digital divide. And with our approach to market, there’s no need to wait.  Sustainable, rural broadband is here, now. There literally isn’t a single square inch of Canada where we can’t provide broadband. We look forward to working with the City of Ottawa to help enrich the lives of its rural citizens,” concluded Maduri.

Once the agreement has been finalized the fixed wireless broadband deployment will commence. It is anticipated that substantial completion can be achieved by the end of August 2007.