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We are finding the Xplornet service an asset to our home office/business and have recommended it to several others within our area. As of today we are completely satisfied with the service and look forward to any other extra benefits you offer in the future!

Seba Beach, AB

I am enjoying my wireless so much. After about 15 years of dialup I am really enjoying the speed and receiving pictures of the grandchildren that I couldn't receive before is the biggest plus. Thank You.

Stirling, ON

LOVE IT!!!!! THANK you for making our household a HAPPY one. 2 teens and a mom living in the country on dial up--- UGH Xplornet we love you!

Springbrook, ON

This morning I was assisting my brother with sorting out support and IP service problems being encountered by my elderly parents. Being in the city, they are using the largest IP provider in the country at their condo. 
I commented that xplornet changed everything for myself and my business in rural Ontario. During the past two years I have had only one technical problem and that issue was resolved in a matter of ten minutes by xplornet tech support in that my equipment did not follow a frequency change.
I highly recommend xplornet to my friends. The investment in the hardware has turned into some of the best value for money I have ever spent. From billing to service delivery in the field, I appreciate the manner in which xplornet conducts their business.

Janetville, ON

On Monday afternoon, February 4th, I became a new customer for the Xplornet Wireless system. As Janetville is a difficult location for access to any high speed internet service, I was hopeful and guardedly optimistic that the new Xplornet service for the City of Kawartha Lakes would provide me with the much needed wireless service.
The experience of having the service installed and activated was excellent.
Rob Dlouhy of Fenlon Electronics arrived right on schedule with one of his employees. They proceeded immediately with validating the signal strength and recommended the best location for the antenna. Within about 90 minutes the installation was completed, including a router and cables to two computers. Rob once again verified the signal strength and internet connectivity. Both men were friendly, professional, neat workmen and left me with a high degree of confidence in the quality of both the installation and the service I could expect from Xplornet.
When Rob left, I called the Xplornet help line to arrange for the second user ID. The Xplornet help line attendant was equally professional and user friendly, with lots of patience and a real sense of humor. Getting the second computer up and running was a breeze, even for this Senior who is not particularly competent with this high technology jargon. This speaks to the training and attitude of the help line staff.
Over the past 48 hours, we have experienced both fog and wet snow. The system performance remains robust and has not shown any signs of degraded speed or reliability.
This professionalism and customer focus of both the installers and the help line staff produced a very positive experience that is somewhat of a rarity in today's fast paced world. It also fosters confidence in future service levels of the Xplornet operation.
I look forward to enjoying the new wireless service for many years to come.

Carp, ON

As a "mum-preneur" balancing being a mom and operating my own business, I was having serious difficulty making the business work effectively in rural Ottawa.  Why?  Because like most businesses, photography is becoming more and more reliant on the internet - being able to send and receive images electronically instead of couriering or driving hard copies to clients around Ottawa.  A rural business like mine was at a huge disadvantage because dial-up internet made sending large files simply impossible.
I was at an impasse.  The only way to balance rural living, family care and business was with high-speed internet.  Now that I have Xplornet using a satellite system my business has fundamentally changed.   The gap between myself and photographers in urban Ottawa has closed, and I'm experiencing both growth in business, and more time at home.  There's no question in my mind that business in rural Ottawa will expand, and the rural Ottawa lifestyle will get even better than it was before.

Dalkeith, ON

"For many years in the city I had my Internet service through the big cable company - it was great service, but unfortunately not available in all locations. I was lured away by the big phone company with promises that they could not keep. When you would call for assistance it took a long time to resolve a problem and you felt you were bothering them by calling. This past June I moved to a rural area where I can't get the big cable company or the big phone company. I found out about Xplornet and I was amazed to find that I could get comparable service at a reasonable price. But most of all, the support is very real and very interactive. When I do have minor problems, some of my own doing, and some that are system related, I can call - and you get someone on the phone who is upbeat, and really sounds like they were waiting for someone to call. They speak in terms I can understand - and they explain how I can avoid problems in the future. Always friendly, always helpful - I think it is clear that with this formula Xplornet is a very important player in this market."

Ponty Pool, ON

"Several years ago I began telecommuting 100% to my corporate job in Toronto, due to a significant health issue which required me to spend hours daily performing health-maintenance therapy. My job as a technical writer for a large company required me to access many different applications real-time and transfer files in excess of 20 mgb on a regular basis. Using dialup was a disadvantage that added hours to my work day, each day-- transferring files at night and accessing systems when system usage was not at its peak.

A lot of the time, I was "working blind": although I created animated demos that received high praise, the download speeds at my house were so poor I couldn't download any competitor's demos to compare my efforts. It also made the "playing field" much more difficult in terms of career advancement.

I was more than a happy customer when Skyview Communications installed secure high-speed Internet the same day at the end of January. The signal strength is excellent. I was able to connect to my company's VPN and access the shared files -- something I had never been able to do via dialup.

Best of all, prior to my call to Skyview, I'd just received an offer for an opportunity at the global headquarters of the company I work for. It's true that I was a contender because of an article I'd written and because of certifications and experience I'd acquired, but it would never have been possible for me to accept a job as a senior usability analyst (working with countries across the globe on their intranets) without reliable, high-speed Internet. Now that the high-speed is installed -- I'll be commuting virtually to global headquarters starting March 1st.

Just one month ago, I was more than a little dismayed that I couldn't even take my Master's degree online, because even the online Master Degree programs required high-speed access. Now I can do what I like: apply for Master's programs, view content, see virtual "museums" such as MoMa or the Guggenheim, see a world that was hidden to me, and continue to work in a competitive workplace, while having more time to maintain my health.

Thank you!"

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