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About Xplornet's Network Technology

Xplornet's goal is to make sure that everyone in Canada can have access to fast, reliable high-speed Internet, no matter where they live. We address the challenges of Canada's vast geography, varied population densities and sometimes challenging topography by deploying a unique hybrid technology network.

Our network includes a terrestrial component of fixed wireless towers that allow people in the vicinity of our towers to receive a signal via an antenna on the exterior of their house.

As well, we use satellite technology to provide service in regions where the population density is lower or where topography would make fixed wireless towers ineffective.

Xplornet is currently deploying 4G technology to both its fixed wireless and satellite networks.  Our fixed wireless 4G network is capable of speeds of 40 Mbps improving to over 100Mbps by the end of 2012. The fixed wireless network is complemented by a new 4G satellite network, consisting of two next generation 4G satellites. The first of these satellites, ViaSat-1, launched in October of 2011. The second, Jupiter, launched in July of 2012.

What a national 4G broadband network means for Canada

For too long in Canada, there has been a digital divide: a gap between quality and affordability of high-speed Internet service available to urban Canadians vs. rural Canadians. By 2012, Xplornet will be able to offer Canadians fast, affordable Internet, no matter where they live. Xplornet will end Canada's digital divide, once and for all.

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Please note: Not all voice over IP services are compatible with our satellite platforms, because of incompatibility between the VoIP application and the design and architecture of the satellite network. Please call Xplornet for details.

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