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MyXplornet Self-Service Portal

The MyXplornet Self-Service Customer Portal serves to provide a safe, simple and secure way to manage all of the administrative aspects of your Xplornet account in one central location 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Some of the features include:

  • Changing or updating your payment and contact information
  • Viewing your invoices
  • Monitoring your usage
  • Creating cases
  • Viewing support articles

Logging In
To log in, please navigate to Once there, click on "Self-Service Portal Login" box. 


Next, please enter your username and password and click Login.
Portal 1

Once logged in, you will view the Home screen.

Portal 2_496x 220


By clicking the  My Profile  tab on the welcome home page, you are able to view your current user and contact information. If you would like to edit this information, please click on the  Edit  tab located on the top of the page.


Portal 3_497x 190

You can also change your password on this page by clicking the Change my Password tab located next to the Edit tab on the top of the page.

Portal 4_497x 170

The Customer Portal features seven different tabs across the top navigation bar.


Customer Subscriptions

This page allows you to view your current service subscriptions and details surrounding the subscriptions such as the base rate plan name, service status and creation date.

To view subscriptions: 

  1. Click the Customer Subscriptions tab at the top of the page
  2. Choose My Subscriptions from the View drop down box 
  3. Click Go


This tab allows you to view your current and previous invoices for Xplornet services.

To see the invoices:

  1. Click Invoices tab at the top of the page
  2. Choose All in the View drop down box
  3. Click Go

Payment Methods

This tab allows you to view your current payment method information for Xplornet services. You are also able to update your payment method on this page.

1. On Home screen, click the Payment Methods tab

payment_methods_cap2. The Manage Payment Summary will appear.


  • Billing & Invoicing Section
    • Current Payment Method - displays the default bank account or credit card that Xplonet will take payment from
    • Total Balance Due - total balance as of the last invoice
  • Billing Contact Information Section
    • Billing Information - shows the Billing Address and Email we have associated to your account

3. To make changes to your Payment Methods, click Manage Payment Methods


4. Manage Payment Methods has 3 options to help you manage your payment methods:

  • Add New Payment Method
  • Set as Default Payment Method
  • Delete


Adding a New Payment Method

1. On the Manage Payment Methods screen, click the Add New Payment Method


2. From the New Payment Method pop up, select the payment method you wish to add


3. Click Continue


4. An additional section will appear for the New Payment Method Information

  • For the payment type you selected, fill in all the required fields (they will have a red bar beside them)


  • Click Save

5. When selecting the Pre-Authorized Debit option, the Pre-Authorized Debit Terms & Conditions will appear after clicking the Save button.


  • To apply the new Pre-Authorized Debit option, click "I Agree"
  • Clicking "Cancel" will return you to the Manage Payment Methods screen

6. When the new payment method is added successfully, you will see the following:


7. The added payment method will now be the current default payment method.

Setting a Default Payment Method

To change the current payment method to another one on file:

  1. Click the Payment Methods Tab
  2. Click Manage Payment Methods
  3. On the Manage Payment Methods, under the Your Payment Methods Section, click the checkbox to select the new default payment method
  4. Click the Set as Default Payment Method


5. A pop up will appear. Verify the correct payment method has been selected and click OK.


6. When completed, you should see the following "Success" message:



A case is a detailed description of a problem, question or feedback. This tab allows you to submit cases for issues you are experiencing with your service. To submit a case, click the Create a Case button, fill out the corresponding information, and click Submit. If you have any screen shots or other supporting information regarding your case, you can choose Submit & Add Attachment

Portal 5_500x 104

Once you have submitted a case, you are able to view previous cases that you submitted (via phone or the self service portal) and corresponding resolutions.

Portal 6_485x 80

Support Articles

This tab allows you to search for support articles to help answer any questions that you may have or for issues that you may be experiencing. There is also a Quick Search box on the left navigation bar for support articles.

Portal 7_495x 230

This tab allows you to search for forms and other documents that you might need such as the Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) form.

Quick Links
The Quick Links section located on the left navigation bar features some of the most popular links.

Portal 8

1. View My Profile

This page lists your profile information such as your username, time zone, language, name, address, phone number, email, etc.

This links to our corporate website where you can view our latest products and promotions.

3. Dealer Locator
This links to our interactive map that is programmed to locate authorized Xplornet dealers nearest to you based on your postal code.

4. Refer-a-Friend

Tell your friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances about Xplornet. Then, send us their name and address details and if they activate Xplornet services within 30 days, you will receive a $25 referral credit to your Xplornet account.

Portal 10_497x 80

5. View Usage

Customers on Internet service plans that feature overage billing or Limited State can access the Usage Tracker: an online tool that allows you to track and manage your Internet usage. The data in the tool is updated every 4-24 hours.

Update 911 Address (*Digital Phone customers ONLY)

Your initial address will be registered with 911 as a part of subscribing to our digital phone service. It is incumbent on you to confirm the accuracy of your physical address. If you have any changes, additions or transfers of phone numbers when you move Xplornet equipment to another location, you must update the location of the equipment. If you do not update the location, 911 calls made may be sent to an emergency center near your previous address.

If you have any additional questions about the MyXplornet Self-Service Customer Portal, please send us an email at or call our Customer Care Centre at 1-866-841-6001.


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