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MyXplornet Self-Service Portal

MyXplornet provides a safe, simple and secure way to manage your Xplornet account in one central location 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With MyXplornet, you can:

  • View or change your contact information
  • View or change your payment information
  • View your invoices
  • Monitor your Internet usage
  • Create a case to request support from Xplornet Customer Care
  • View support articles

Logging In

To log in, please go to and click on the Customer Login box.

Next, please enter your User Name and Password and click Enter.

Once logged in, you will see the MyXplornetHome page which displays:

  • Your billing account contact information
  • Quick link to view your Internet usage (note: usage may not be applicable to all Xplornet services)
  • You billing & payment information:
    • Last Payment - the amount of your last successfully processed payment.
    • Last Payment Date - the date of your last successfully processed payment.
    • Invoice Delivery Method - the way your Xplornet invoice is provided (email, regular mail, or email & regular mail)




By clicking the My Profile tab on the MyXplornet Home page, you can view your online profile for MyXplornet. If you would like to modify this information, please click on the Edit button located on the top of the page.

Please note: The contact information will only update your MyXplornet online profile and not your account with Xplornet

You can update the following information:

  • MyXplornet Username
  • Time zone
  • Locale (to change the language formatting on MyXplornet)
  • Language preference (please change both Locale and Language preferences to change the language view of MyXplornet)
  • Nickname
  • Your contact information including phone number(s) and address




To see the invoices for your account, select the View My Invoices button on the MyXplornet Home page.


Click on View PDF to see the invoice for a particular time period. For an explanation of your invoice, you can review the "How do I read my invoice?" article.

Payment Methoids

The MyXplornet Home Page displays your current payment method for Xplornet services. To change your payment method, click the Change Payment Method button.


(Note: The below message will display if you have not yet added a payment method)


On the Manage Payment Summary screen, click Manage Payment Methods


Add a New Payment Method

1. On the Manage Payment Methods screen, click Add New Payment Method

Image 10

2. From the New Payment Method pop-up box, select the payment method you wish to add

Image 11

3. Click Continue

Image 12

4. An additional section will appear for the New Payment Method Information

  • For the payment type you selected, fill in all the required information noted with a red bar

Image 13

  • Click Save

5. If you chose to add payment from a bank account as a new payment method, the Pre-Authorized Debit Terms & Conditions will appear after clicking the Save button.

Image 14

  • Click the I Agree button to accept the Pre-Authorized Debit Terms & Conditions and continue OR click Cancel to return to the Manage Payment Methods screen.

6. When the new payment method has been added successfully, you will see the following message:

Image 15

7. The new payment method you have just added will now become the current default payment method.

Set a Default Payment Method

1. On the Manage Payment Methods screen in the Your Payment Methods section, click the checkbox to select the new default payment method.

2. Click the Set as Default Payment Method button  

Image 16

3. Click OK in the pop-up box to confirm your selection.

Image 17

4. When the default payment method has been changed successfully, you will see the following message:

Image 18

Delete a Payment Method

1. On the Manage Payment Methods screen, in the Your Payment Methods section, click the checkbox to select the payment method to be deleted.

2. Click the Delete button.

Image 19

3. Click OK in the pop-up box to confirm deletion.

Image 20

4. When the payment method has been deleted successfully, you will see the following message:

Image 21

Internet Usage

Click on the View My Data Usage button on the MyXplornet Home page to view your Internet usage with the Usage Tracker online tool. The Usage Tracker is updated every hour with data that's current as of 4 hours ago.

Image 22 

Image 23

Xplornet Home Phone Usage

Customers with Xplornet Home Phone packages can track monthly phone activity to help manage usage and any additional charges.

1. Go to the Customer Subscriptions tab
2. Select the Go button beside "View: My Subscriptions/Mon abonnement"
Image 24
3. Select the XHP subscription
4. Select the View Home Phone Usage button
Image 25

Note: Your usage is shown in the GMT Time Zone

911 Address (Xplornet Home Phone customers ONLY)

Your home address will be registered with 911 as part of your Xplornet Home Phone subscription service. Please ensure your physical home address is accurate.

If you move Xplornet Home Phone equipment to another location and change your phone number(s), you must update your 911 address.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do not update your 911 address, any calls to 911 may be sent to an emergency centre near your previous address.


A case is a detailed description of a problem, question or feedback regarding your Xplornet service. To submit a case, click the Create a Case button on the Cases tab, fill out the corresponding information, and click Submit. If you have any screen-shots or other supporting information regarding your case, you can choose Submit & Add Attachment. A response to your case will be provided within 48 hours via email or phone.

Image 26

Once you have submitted a case, you can view previous open cases that you submitted via phone or MyXplornet.

Image 27

Support Articles

In the Support Articles tab you can search for answers to common questions or issues using the Quick Search box on the left navigation bar.

Image 28

Quick Links

The Quick Links section located on the left navigation bar features some of the most popular links.

Image 29 = Check out our latest products and promotions

Dealer Locator = Use this interactive map to locate authorized Xplornet dealers near you

Refer-a-Friend = Receive a $25 credit to your Xplornet account when you tell your friends and family about Xplornet and they activate within 30 days.

Image 30

If you have any additional questions about MyXplornet, please email us at or call Xplornet Customer Care at

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