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The Xplornet Blog focuses on issues of interest to our customers, including how to get the most out of Internet, rural broadband in Canada, and new and interesting sites and applications online. As well, the blog will discuss Xplornet products and services and news about the company. Comments on blog posts are welcome! To view our commenting guidelines and moderation information, click here.


  • If you're new to Xplornet, read this first!

    We recently celebrated our 200,000th customer, nearly 10 years after celebrating our very 1st customer! If you're a new customer yourself, you may have some questions about your new Internet service. We've prepared this post just for you.

  • An Introduction to Your Xplornet Invoice

    Let's be honest: Nobody really enjoys getting and paying bills. But not understanding your bill, or the billing process, isn't any fun either. That's why we've prepared answers to the most frequently asked invoice and billing-related questions we receive.

  • Bits vs. Bytes: What’s the difference and why does it matter?

    Bit and byte are both common terms used to describe internet speeds and the bandwidth you access online. But despite the common theme, bit and byte are drastically different and both are measured differently. What does this mean for your internet speeds?

  • Become a Lifelong Student: How to learn online

    Whatever method you find works best for you, you're sure to find the right material online. From "beginner" and "101"-level courses to more advanced topics in a field; you'll find everything you need to grow your knowledge and expertise in nearly any subject area. We've included links and descriptions for some great free resources to help you get started.

  • Top Employers Award 2013

    Xplornet is proud to announce that we have been selected as one of Atlantic Canada's Top Employers for 2013! As a New Brunswick owned company and major local employer in Fredericton and Woodstock, we are thrilled to share this honour with other amazing companies in the Atlantic region.


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