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The Xplornet Blog focuses on issues of interest to our customers, including how to get the most out of Internet, rural broadband in Canada, and new and interesting sites and applications online. As well, the blog will discuss Xplornet products and services and news about the company. Comments on blog posts are welcome! To view our commenting guidelines and moderation information, click here.


  • Managing Your Data: How to Disable Auto-Play on Facebook and Other Sites

    Auto-play is a feature that triggers a video to start playing automatically once the web page is done loading.  This can be annoying and it can interfere with your browsing experience if you're using multiple windows or tabs. It also eats up your data unnecessarily, particularly if you didn't intend on watching the video!

  • Tips for the Perfect Grey Cup Party

    Whether you're planning for a Canadian football game, that big hockey game or even an Oscar party, or you're on the guest list for a friend's bash, your Xplornet Internet Service can help you make the most of the gathering!

  • Tips for keeping kids safe online

    Do you have children? If so, chances are they spend a fair amount of time online. At Xplornet, user safety is extremely important to us, especially when it comes to our youngest Internet users. So we took the time to compile some tips and advice for ensuring your children stay safe while browsing the web.

  • Turn to the Web for Great Last-Minute Halloween Ideas

    Xplornet internet service serves even the most rural residents, so no matter where you are, you can get online and start planning your Halloween festivities with lots of delightful costume ideas, pumpkin carving stencils and so much more!

  • Everything you need to know about streaming video

    Thanks to advances in internet and streaming technology, it has never been so easy for you to catch up on your favourite TV show on Netflix, check out the viral video everybody's been talking about, or even watch live events online! Once you have read this blog post, you will have a better understanding of the concept of streaming video, how it affects you and your family's internet experience, and how we at Xplornet help to deliver the magic that is video streaming.


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